Weekend Mediumship Intensive Workshop


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This 2 day intensive is for Intermediate to Professional medium who would like to learn how to:

Better Blend with the Spirit Communicator

Engage in true Communication

Build more Trust in the Spirit World and your ability

Deliver more varied and specific evidence

Increase your confidence in the power of your own soul

This Intensive will be filled with work and exercises to help you to achieve a richness and more depth in your evidence and help to allow the presence of your spirit communicator to flow through you to your audience/sitter. We will be working in both platform and private sitting styles.

Eric will work with you individually based on your current level of mediumship to help you to move forward in your development. This course is not recommended for beginners. If you are not sure please contact Eric to discuss at [email protected] and he will help you to determine if this is a good fit for you.

The weekend will be jam-packed with work, so be prepared to work. And of course have fun!